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Taylor is an international-selling realism artist based in Sacramento, California. With no formal training or education in the artistic field, Taylor is self taught and has educated herself with years of dedicated practice, starting as soon as she could hold a brush. She creates realistic artwork that invokes a sense of wonder and emotion in all who view it. Her approach is rooted in her desire to capture the beauty of all things in the world, no matter the subject.

"One thing about me that has been a basis of my work is that I never lost that childlike sense of wonder about the world around me. I still see magic and uniqueness in everything. Because of this, I discovered very early on that my art can't bound to a certain niche subject. It could be seen as a blessing or a curse, but I see it through a lense of gratitude because I will always find something to paint and I will never run out of inspiration! I have yet to find something I am not passionate about painting, every subject is invigorating and feeds my soul in different ways. My years of self taught study and practice in the style of realism has allowed me to create art that captivates the eye. Whether it's landscapes, oceanscapes, animals or still lifes, I strive bring a level of realism in every piece that invigorates the senses which further entices emotion to come forth."

- Taylor

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GUILTY PLEASURE: True crime documentaries

MOST INSPIRING TRIP: Artist residency in Cividate Camuno, Italy


DREAM VACATION: Ireland & Scotland

ARTIST INSPIRATION: Lisa Cornwell, Amber Emmi, Katharine Burns, Mark Maggiori, Brooke Cormier, Martin Murphy, & many more!

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